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'Carreau Parfait'


'Carreau Parfait!'®
A game of 32 cards 
Based on the same tactics as petanque

The three card designs

Games are played as singles, doubles or triples with the amount of cards dealt corresponding to the amount of boule held per player per arrangement.
There are 18 pointing positions with values from 1-18, with 1 being the closest to the cochonet and 18 the furthest.
Also there are the Carreau cards used for replacing an opponents card and a few 'arbitre' cards.
The pack of cards comes with the original French rules and we supply a literal English translation. 

The game is enjoyable and has been well received in France.
Exclusive to the UK from Hot Club Petanque.

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Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Approximate delivery time 7 working days.


Carreau Parfait! << Les Auriaux>> 63190 Ravel France

Carreau Parfait! est une marque déposé à L′INPI sous le N° 063405918 

English translation
with thanks to Ray Ager.

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