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About Us

Welcome, again, to the Hot Club Petanque website.

Here is a background introduction by J-C Nowers (director).

Our Business Philosophy

With the advent of the internet we have been able to see the world wide popularity of our passion. Through websites, such as, people around the world have been able to share their enjoymet and through online forums and blogs have begun to transform a community of players into being a fraternity of players.

Whilst still young, in relative terms to Petanques' 100 year history, this revolutionary form of association has started to bring about a global 'idea' of the game.

Fundamental to such a development is the 'image' of the game.

Our aim is to supply that image and cultivate the 'idea'.



My History

I have played Petanque for 30 years and have been an artist for most of that time.

I started playing in tha 1970's at the Royal Oak Club in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, where I first learnt to 'cut' my steel, so to speak.

Then played intermittingly during the 1980's, whilst studying art at Camberwell, with a few friends on the South Bank near the Royal Festival Hall.

Then in 1990 things began to pick up. With a group of artist friends we began to develope a loose association of players and went under the title of Hot Club Petanque.

Hot Club Petanque

Being Central South London based we did not have purpose built pistes to hand, but 'redgras'? football pitches were plentiful and good, if massive, playing terrains.

Our first piste was on Clapham common where we played for a couple of years.

Next for most of the 90's we played in Brockwell Park in Brixton. Between the lack of ammenities (toilets) and the obvious need of footballers to play football on the footbal pitch it was imperitive to relocate.

After missionaries were sent to all corners of Lambeth and Southwark, a purpose built piste was discovered in Larkhall Park in Wandsworth. What's more it was adjacent to a pub called the Surprise!.

In 2000, after a few summers and lots of trophies, we moved to our present home in Cleaver Square in Kennington, also with a pub called The Prince of Wales.

Our Piste

Here is a picture of our piste in Cleaver Square.


Photo S.Ball

Hot Club Petanque, 53 Coverley Point, Tyers Street, London, SE11 5NS